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The work Yoga means «Union»:  of all parts of the body becoming as one, of the individual consciousness or the soul, to the Universal consciousness or Spirit. Even though it has often been advertised and made mainstream as a primarily physical approach -The practice of Asana being the most common approach to Yoga in occident - the image through which Yoga is actually presented is often much more superficial than what it is meant to be. It is a profound, complex and ancient science which is meant to «Unite» and expand the infinite potential of a being. On your journey through this path, integrity is a key. Then, each practice becomes one of respect in regards to any condition.

Trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Pranayama, Trance Dance and a Reiki Master Teacher, Hari Baldevta is devoted to the study, practice and teaching of Yoga, as a tool to bring one closer to its own true self. Offering group classes and workshops in various locations, private or semi-private, adapted to the student's own intentions and goals as well as Reiki Treatments and trainings. His wide range of tools allows him to chose an approach to honor the student's actual needs.

Where many have started their Yoga journey looking for a physical workout and fitness, to gradually end up discovering a deeper spiritual experience, Hari did the reversed path. He began his journey from a very spiritual outlook, in tune with most subtle and abstract experiences, which he had to learn to integrate and embody into the most concrete world. This is how he began working in a way to connect Body and Spirit, teaching methods that oblige students to create contact with their own body and consciousness;  sometimes in a very dissected manner to help better analyse and feel, or in a more intuitive way, enabling more letting go and the deconstruction of limiting patterns.


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Integrity; a key


To establish healthy and strong foundations is essential to walk the path with integrity. Our foundations are that upon which all engagements and actions must be rooted. Physically, it is all connected parts of the body to the ground, from which we elevate ourselves. From a more general point of view, it is our concepts, belief systems and our values. Are your words and actions arising from a grounded connection?

When you engage, you commit. The «Foundation/Engagement» connection or «Fondamental engagement»; To engage in what you do, from your fondations allows one to commit acts, to build sequences of actions and to elevate in line with its own core values. There is a general tendency for people to get lost in the crowd and allow the ones who speak louder to influence their actions. It is of utmost importance to act from your own inner core rather than from external forces. Always come back to your center and foundations, your deep inner core connected to your roots, rather than acting from outer parts in a disconnected way. Which is tiring.

It is essential to express yourself, but wise is the one who does not rush. The foundational engagement allows one to express itself from a stable core, just like speaking from your navel, rather than influenced by the desire to please, or inspired by an external source. Engaging your core and heart, while based on respectable ground, brings integrity to one's speech and actions.

Integrity: The expression of foundational core values

Way too often, One speaks first, just like shooting an arrow, without establishing its foundations and engaging its core. Then one tries to rearrenge the results, excusing mistakes. One enters a posture or situation before rooting to the ground, without engaging its inner core structure. One compromises its joints, its relationships, by a lack of commitment and grounding. One quickly shoots and THEN tries to fix the shot. 

 The Archer first establishes its foundation, engages its deep inner core (physically and mentally), and then comes into expression: and the arrow splits the air to reach target.


Integrity is a strength. It is being stable and committed not to compromise one's own essence. It is the expression of foundational core values. One needs grounding and rooting, to elevate through its engaged core, to bloom and shine from its very true essence. 



Hari Baldevta

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